by Dulana57 in Models

Importing and using the Node Group

1. Go to the Append Menu

2. Go to the NodeTree folder

3. Select the Node Group(s) you want (StillSaber, MultiStillSaber, MotionSaber, MultiMotionSaber)

4. Go to the Compositing View

5. Press Shift+A and select the group you want

6. Enable the proper passes:

  • Vector (only if using MotionSaber)
  • Material Index

7. Connect the appropriate connections as shown (leave mask empty for now)

8. Go to the material you want affected by the saber effect.  Under Settings you will find the Pass Index option. Set this to a unique value (that is not 0).

9. Go back to the compositing window and add the ID Mask Node. Connect it like shown in the Screenshot, and set the Index to the same value as you set the Pass Index in the previous step

10. Now you can tinker with the different settings to achieve your desired look:

  • [Color] - Changes the color of the effect
  • [Glow] - Changes the intensity of the glow effect
  • [Glow Size] - Changes the blur scale of the glow effect
  • [Flare] - Changes the intensity of the flare effect
  • [Flare Size] - Changes the blur scale of the flare effect

Importing and using the Lightsaber Models

1. Go to the Append Menu

2. Go to the Group folder

3. Select the Saber(s) you want (AnakinLightsaber, KyloRenLightsaber, LukeLightsaber)

4. (Optional) Select the Saber Hilt and press Alt + R and Alt + G to reset Position and Scale


  • Imported sabers will already have the Pass Index setup
    • Kylo Ren (Unstable Red) - 1
    • Luke (Green) - 2
    • Anakin (Blue) - 3
  • The blades will have a shape key that will toggle between on and off
  • The unstable blade will have 3 objects, Inner Blade, Outer Blade, and Unstable. All 3 objects are required for the unstable effect to work properly

The Different Node Groups

  • StillSaber
    • One Saber Color
    • No Motion Blur
  • MultiStillSaber
    • RGB Saber Colors
    • No Motion Blur
  • MotionSaber
    • One Saber Color
    • Motion Blur
  • MultiMotionSaber
    • RGB Saber Colors
    • Motion Blur