Blender Particle Tracer For Animation Nodes

by Blenderthings in Scripts and Addons

Blender Particle Tracer is a Setup in Animation Nodes 2.1 that allows you to record the way one or many particle moves. Your Particles will be recorded as an object with keyframes. You can specify the Object that will be duplicated. All duplicated Objects will reside on Layer 1 (counting from Zero) so you can better select all of them after the process. Duplicates can be copied to another instance of Blender with all keyframes being copied, too. 

Additionally this Setup is designed to generate Splines of the particles movement. The Splines that result from the particles can be tweaked to have a certain look, i.e. jagged or straight, with a tip or without. 

The Setup is able to Offset the Animation Time of your particles, so you do the ParticleSimulation ones and can then offset the whole in time to better achieve certain timings. The Time can also be Speed up or down.

Watch the Video to get a quick rundown

There are new features not explained in the video:

Spline-thickness and Spline-Resolution can now be adjusted

You are now able to Separate all created splines, so as to shade them with a random Color in just one Material.