Blender Dynamic Vfx - Elemental Asset Pack

by SouthernShotty LLC in Modifier Setups


Unleash the boundless power of elements in your Blender projects with the Dynamic VFX - Elemental Asset Pack! Designed meticulously for Blender 3.6 and onwards, this pack is a treasure trove of elemental effects, ranging from roaring flames to electrifying lightning, from protective energy shields to serene snowfall. Whether you’re a beginner looking for drag-and-drop ease or an advanced user seeking granular control, this pack is tailored to breathe life into your creations and save you time. See overview video for examples of all the effects!

Fire Effects

Ignite your scenes with an array of fiery effects. From blazing campfires to explosive fire plumes, our fire effects are crafted to bring warmth and intensity to your projects. Integrate them seamlessly into your animations or still renders.

Electricity Effects

Electrify your audience with striking lightning and electric arcs. With options to control branching, length, frequency, and more, our electricity effects are perfect for adding a jolt of energy to any scene.

Weather Effects

Harness the power of weather effects with things like tornados, rain, and snow. Snow dynamically collects, rain splashes, and more!

Particle Effects

Dynamic particle systems fun to play with like birds, moths, balloons, and more!

Energy Effects

Channel the mystical forces with our ethereal energy effects. Create mesmerizing magic trails, impenetrable energy shields, or leave a trail of pulsing particles. Perfect for fantasy scenes, sci-fi adventures, or abstract visuals.

And Much More!

See the full selection and how to use them in the overview video!


Your creative vision knows no bounds, and neither should your assets. The Elemental Asset Pack offers extensive customization options for each effect. Tweak the color, size, speed, noise patterns, and many more attributes to make each effect truly your own. Beginners will find easy-to-use sliders, while advanced users can dive into the geometry node setups for fine-tuned control.

Eevee and Cycles Ready

The assets boast rapid performance and stunning effects in Eevee, while also being fully compatible with Cycles for photorealistic renders. Catering to both real-time enthusiasts and ray-tracing connoisseurs, this pack is a versatile addition to your creative toolkit.

Free Future Updates!

We are committed to the continuous improvement and expansion of the Elemental Asset Pack. Expect several free updates in the future that will enhance and grow your creative arsenal.

Learn More

A comprehensive overview tutorial is included to get you up and running quickly. Learn how to install, use, and customize the assets to their fullest potential using Blender’s asset browser for easy drag-and-drop functionality. Overview video coming soon.

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Equip yourself with Blender Dynamic VFX - Elemental Asset Pack and let your creativity flow unbounded! Elevate your scenes, engage your audience, and save time with this essential addition to your Blender 3D toolset.

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Sales 800+
Downloads 15300+
Customer Ratings 12
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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Animated, Textured
License Royalty Free
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