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  • Ian Smith over 2 years ago

    Trying to initiate event based vertical scrolling in a direction based on a ray sensor but having trouble after connecting the wire automatically connected with the keyboard sensor.

    • Tim Crellin over 2 years ago

      Hi there, thanks for buying the addon!

      Included with the addon are some tutorials going over how to use it, I would definitely recommend watching these so you know what you are doing. Also there is a user manual, a trouble shooting section and a direct contact email address if you need further help.
      Please read through all of these resources, I know they may appear as "boring" but they can be really helpful to prevent future problems.

      The problem you are having sounds unrelated to the addon, and more a misunderstanding of the game engine logic and how you are meant to use the addon. Again please read through all the provided documentation with the addon and watch the couple short tutorials explaining the features.

      If you are still having issues after that, don't hesitate to contact me directly here or through the email address provided and I will personally try help solve the problem with you :)

  • marcusviniciuspr over 2 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the program. but in FAQ you said it doesn't work with UPBGE, but I just tried it with the tank game demo, and it works! the only thing i had to change was the True Level triggering of the left mouse button sensor with the skip set to something like 40. I am not sure if there is something else that doesn't work or some sort of bug I still didn't encounter... anyways, thanks!

    • Tim Crellin over 2 years ago

      Hi, thanks for the support! Its great to here that it is working, from previously using UPBGE I found there were problems when trying to prioritize movement of certain animations over others.

      I have updated the FAQ to mention that it works in some versions but may not be fully supported :)

  • crazymadman over 3 years ago

    I gotta say, this addon is the best I've seen for animating textures in Blender's Game Engine. It's easy to use, it just works, and the Events feature is perfect for sophisticated 2D character movement cycles. While this addon is largely advertised for those who don't know how to write Python scripts, if you do have some Python scripting knowledge you can take the scripts that are generated by this addon and tweak the logic however you like. It's very flexible. I'm glad I purchased this.

  • phmage over 3 years ago

    Very useful and a needed expansion to the Blender included mechanic. However sometimes random bugs appear and I really hope for some fixes soon. Also I would really like to see this work on meshes that aren't some sort of plane or if it already does somebody to tell me how.

    • Tim Crellin over 3 years ago

      Hi phmage, thanks for your support!
      If you are encountering bugs please report them (button in addon preferences), otherwise you can send me a PM here or email me (email at the bottom of the user manual). I will try solve all reported bugs asap.

      Standard meshes should work as well using the addon, just apply the standard settings like you would for a plane.

  • copperstache over 3 years ago

    Great addon, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a better animated texture solution in Blender! The support if you do have issues is great as well!

  • Qareeb Alhaqq over 3 years ago

    AWESOME! great tool for anyone wanting to make any kind of 2d sprites in your games...

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