BGE Sprite Addon

by Thatimst3r in Scripts and Addons

What is it?

The BGE Sprite Addon lets you add real-time animated textures in the Blender Game Engine, replacing the old and inconsistent ‘UV animated texture' method with a better and more capable system.

Problems with the current system.

The current 'UV animated texture' system has caused many hours of frustration. Most attempts to use this system are crammed with issues and problems that don't really have a solution. The worst part is that it seems like there are no decent alternatives for artists to use.

  • Reads frames in wrong order
  • Animations are not independent
  • Forced animation looping
  • Timing near-impossible because of inconsistent starting frames
  • No scrolling texture or event based animation support

New Sprite Addon system:

This addon was built to completely eliminate all the issues of the previous system and add extra 2D capabilities so that an artist will not be limited by their ability to code!



  • No prior coding experience needed!
  • Scrolling Textures (Moving Terrain, Conveyor belts, Tank treads etc.)


  • Easy Camera Alignment (Make object always look at player regardless of angle).


  • Basic UV Texture Animation (Fire, HUD Elements etc.)


  • Instanced UV Texture Animation (Spawned effects, Explosions, Blood etc.)


  • Event Driven UV Animation (main characters, NPC's etc.)
    Note: Can also be used for advanced animation such as ping-pong or flipper animation types

    rpg-character texture

  • Instanced Event Driven UV Animation (Spawned Enemy AI)
    Note: Can also be used for advanced animation such as ping-pong or flipper animation types

    bat-sprite texture


"This addon takes the most tedious step in Blender game development and actually makes it fun!"

- Michael McCann (The Wayward Art Company)

"Awesome Addon! I always shied away from using animated textures in the Blender Game Engine, as they were so hard and time consuming to set-up. With this addon, animated textures can be created as easy as it gets! I will definitely make use of this addon in future game projects."

-Leander Burger (CGSky)

"Usually doing anything with sprites in the BGE is a huge hassle and you can forget about having any interactivity, but using this addon it can be easily done with just logic bricks!"

- John Hamilton (Youtube Channel)

What will you get?

+ 17 extra sprite-sheets
+ Documentation
+ Bi-directional scrolling example + tutorial
+ Tank Demo .blend
+ Free updates
+ Good Karma for supporting the Blender Foundation :)

Update Log

v1.1: Added 11 extra sprite-sheets

Includes explosions, sparks, dust, smoke, fire, spinning coin. 

v1.2: Bi-directional layered UV scrolling

This update adds the ability to have multiple UV's scrolling in different directions, giving the illusion of waves in water as well as underwater caustics. Examples of both are provided in a .blend along with a simple tutorial on how to setup the effect.

Update available free of charge, for everyone that purchased the addon :)


v1.3: Event-based Scrolling + Tank demo

This update adds the ability to have multi-material event based scrolling to allow for more complex functionality such as tank treads.

This update adds:
- event based scrolling
- remove settings button
- layers bug-fix
- tank demo .blend game.
- 6 cartoon explosion spritesheets

Update available free of charge, for everyone that purchased the addon :)

v1.4: Bug fixes for 2.77a+

At this point the addon no longer supports UPBGE, as their fork API is almost completely different to that of the standard game engine. 
For this reason I will only be supporting the current game engine build that is packaged with blender.

There were some incompatibilities with the new BPY API, which caused the addon to crash when removing scripts. This is now fixed. 

A big thanks to the BGE user who reported this bug :)


Full 13-page documentation + Trouble Shooting + Support Email is available in the instruction manual that comes with the addon.

Does this addon work with UPBGE?

No, it will work with very early versions (around v0.0.x) however the newer versions of UPBGE have changed so much of the API for BGE and BPY that it is no longer viable to support both. If UPBGE replaces the old game engine in blender I will ensure the addon supports this, but until then it will only work with the game engine that comes packaged with blender.

Can this be used for Cycles/Blender Internal renderer?

No, it cannot, this will only work in the Blender Game Engine (because of the python scripts).

To use animated textures, you can record output from the game engine with standard screen capture software (Nvidia shadowplay, bandi-cam, CamStudio etc.)

Do I need to know code/python to fully utilize this addon?

No, to fully utilise this addon all you need to do is have a basic understanding of logic bricks which are relatively straight forward (input--process--output).

No programming knowledge is required.

Will I need to have prior BGE experience to use this?

To use the addon: No
To make a game: Yes, however, the addon comes with a demo game file which you can use as reference and there is plenty of BGE tutorials to help you get started.

Item Rating

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  • 41ffdc5f3566dcb80c46fbafb013c5d8

    crazymadman 12 months ago

    I gotta say, this addon is the best I've seen for animating textures in Blender's Game Engine. It's easy to use, it just works, and the Events feature is perfect for sophisticated 2D character movement cycles. While this addon is largely advertised for those who don't know how to write Python scripts, if you do have some Python scripting knowledge you can take the scripts that are generated by this addon and tweak the logic however you like. It's very flexible. I'm glad I purchased this.

  • D5e7a5a8bd3440dc858ee666c0217c26

    phmage 12 months ago

    Very useful and a needed expansion to the Blender included mechanic. However sometimes random bugs appear and I really hope for some fixes soon. Also I would really like to see this work on meshes that aren't some sort of plane or if it already does somebody to tell me how.

    • Large

      Tim Crellin 12 months ago

      Hi phmage, thanks for your support! If you are encountering bugs please report them (button in addon preferences), otherwise you can send me a PM here or email me (email at the bottom of the user manual). I will try solve all reported bugs asap. Standard meshes should work as well using the addon, just apply the standard settings like you would for a plane.

  • B8fc15f4477e44048ffadf3f983440a3

    copperstache about 1 year ago

    Great addon, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a better animated texture solution in Blender! The support if you do have issues is great as well!

  • Large

    Qareeb Alhaqq about 1 year ago

    AWESOME! great tool for anyone wanting to make any kind of 2d sprites in your games...

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