Bengine For Unity

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Welcome to BEngine for Unity! This tool will allow you to bring your Blender Geometry Nodes into Unity. 

MISSION: Provide procedural open source tools for Unity.


BlenderArtists Thread

Unity Thread


    • Procedural meshes generation

      • Procedural instances generation (be_instance attribute)

        • Unity Materials support (be_material attribute)

          • UVs support (uv_map, uv_map2, uv_map3 … uv_map8 attributes)

            • Vertex Colors support (be_color attribute)

              • Inputs support inside of Unity UI (Tabs, Foldouts, Separators, Labels, Objects, Floats, Integers, Strings, Textures) 

              Examples for Unity 2021 HDRP are included!


              !!!IMPORTANT!!! Exclude the BEngine-Py folder from your build. In other case you can damage GPL License of Blender and will have to open source code of your Unity project.

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                Software Version 3.2
                License Creative Commons
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