Belt Generator

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Belt Generator - Geometry Nodes System

Create realistic belts and straps of any kind with this 100% procedural, customizable geometry nodes system!

What you get:

Whether for clothing, leather straps for armor or for saddles - with this versatile generator you can create highly realistic belts and all kinds of straps in no time. All you need is a curve object with which you can shape your belt. With many pre-made styles, settings for holes, end pieces & attachments you can then create exactly the belt you need. 

Also included are 3 realistic materials (leather, metal, stitches) optimized for both - Cycles and Eevee. They are pre set for the generators and will import automatically. If you like, you can of course change the materials in the modifier window!

Endless Possibilities!

Using interdependent slider values and different element styles, you can create just the belt you need! Different attachments, widths, number of holes, metal pieces, materials, etc. allow infinite combinations!

Modular Attachment System:

To give you as much creative freedom as possible, the Attachment System has been designed in a modular way. You can add as many attachments as you want and layer them to create very detailed and unique belts.
You can even create your own attachment objects and add it to your belt!

Premade Endpieces:

You can choose from multiple premade enpieces or just insert your own geometry

Automatic Connections:

You can use an object (an empty for example) to tell multiple belt generators where to connect. The object you select will then function as a control to set the position and rotation of the connector.


A lot of settings can be intimidating, right? So, to give you full control over the system while maintaining clarity, the settings are sorted by belt element. In addition, default values have been set for all values. If you want the default back, hover with the mouse over the value and press backspace. 
The workflow is non-destructive thanks to the geometry nodes, giving you permanent control over your object.

Main Belt/Strap Settings:

Modular Attachment Settings:

Not sure if you should buy it?

 Completely procedural

✅ Fully customizable 

✅ Highly realistic results

✅ Low and high poly possible

✅ Easy to use

 Example file with instructions

✅ Always gets updated to the next blender version

✅ Free lifelong updates

 And also.... You can save yourself a lot of time

The Download Files

The download includes a file with the "Belt Generator" node tree, as well as the "Belt Attachments Generator" node tree and some example belts, which you can then transfer to your own scenes. 

Have fun with the system! 


Please first look at the FAQ. I always update it. If you have a common problem, there is a chance, that there is already an answer for you.
If you still have any questions or problems with it, feel free to contact me and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day!

Update 2024/02/03:

  • Added a setting for low poly stitches/seams
  • Added a setting to hide seams on the back side of the belt to reduce poly count even further
  • Fixed a bug, where the stitches would not adjust to the belt shape
  • Fixed some bugs related to Blender 4.0 (download includes a 3.6 and a 4.0 version now)

Update 2023/10/05:

  • Added a hole shape selector 
  • Fixed a bug, where the seams disappear after applying the geo nodes modifier
  • Fixed a bug, where the holes had no inner faces 

Update 2023/09/14:

  • New Connection System added to connect multiple belts

Update 2023/09/13:

  • New end piece "Ring" has been added. The leather strap automatically adjusts to the radius.
  • New setting "Endpiece Scale" to change the scaling of the endpiece in the modifier settings
  • Bugs were fixed concerning the normals of the belt and the seam

Update 2023/07/01:

  • Complete overhaul of the system to make it more robust
  • Added an overall scale slider to adjust the scale of the belt/attachment to the curve if needed
  • Added the option to add custom end pieces like buckles etc
  • Added 2 new attachment types
  • Updated the hole generation for better performance and more flexibility
  • Some bug fixes regarding curve types
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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
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