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by Dennis Brown in Scripts and Addons

Save Money Rendering in the Cloud

How many times have you started a render, and wished you had better hardware? Maybe you have a deadline to meet, but your hardware didn't cut it. No matter what the situation, rendering in the cloud can save you money, give you access to the best hardware for Blender, as well as the power to render projects quickly at a cost lower than a render farm. 

Check out a cost comparison when rendering the Blender Foundation's Classroom demo scene

Render Using Amazon AWS

The majority of the internet is hosted on Amazon’s servers, and you can use this same hardware for your renders. The difficulty comes in when needing to use it without assistance. Barista is a utility to give you an easy to use platform for using AWS for rendering with Blender. All you need to do is follow 3 easy steps:

Skip the Middleman, Become Your own Render Farm with Barista

Barista breaks the mold, giving you direct CPU & GPU rendering access using the Amazon Cloud.

  • No middleman = no extra costs. With Barista you get direct access to Amazon servers and become your own render farm. Render your Blender project for the super low cost set by Amazon - the same service farms use and charge you extra for

  • Run Blender while rendering. Since the rendering process runs on Amazon's servers, you can continue using Blender at any time during the rendering process.

  • Use any Blender custom builds. Render with any official 2.8+ release,  a custom build like E-Cycles, Graphicall, Fracture Modifier, ACES, or any other Linux 64-bit 2.8+ build". 

  • Monitor your cost. With the current cost output, you always know how much you’re going to spend.

  • Render a Packed Blend File or Multi-File ZIP/TAR Archive


Use Multiple Render Engines

  • Cycles

  • Eevee

  • WorkBench

  • LuxCore via Add-On (1.7.0+)


Hardware with Intel®  and AMD CPUs

  • Intel®  Xeon™ Cores

  • AMD Epyc™ Cores

  • Up to 96 Logical Cores (dual-socket)

  • As much as 384GB of RAM


NVIDIA® GPU Rendering

  • GPUs powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® and Tensor® core technology

  • Use up to 8 GPUs per instance


Use Barista on any of these Platforms:

  • Linux 

  • OSX (supports Catalina and Big Sur)

  • Windows

How does it work?

  1. To use Amazon with Barista, you need to set up an Amazon AWS Account. It's a free* and simple process. (We walk you through it in a video in the Documentation tab above.)

  2. Using your Amazon AWS account, the Barista Client helps you store your projects in Amazon S3, an industry-leading object storage service. 

  3. The Amazon Hardware is launched with Barista's own version of Linux which prepares the environment and automates the render process by returning the progress, uploading the finished frames, and then shutting down once the render has completed.

  4. Preview your completed frames in the client, or have them automatically downloaded to any folder once rendered! Done!

    *Depending on the service and usage, Amazon will charge your account for use. New accounts are given a year of AWS Free-Tier service for certain levels of use. 

Is Barista Just an App?

Actually, no. Since Barista Render is a custom Blender rendering platform, there are several moving parts. What you see when using Barista, is the Barista client application. This client helps compile your rendering preferences, and automatically start and stop the hardware so you don't have to. Barista offers its own Barista Linux distribution for the hardware, so you never need to manually configure the instance software. The Barista Agent placed on each instance automatically creates a custom Blender environment based on your settings, then runs and monitors the render process, while also returning this data back to the client. 

Try It Before You Buy It

Barista offers a free limited-use version*, so you can see how Barista works before any purchase, and if it's a good fit with your rendering workflow.

Barista 1.7.1 Demo

*Both the demo and full versions work the same way, but the demo only allows you to render using a single CPU instance.

Important Steps Before you Launch Barista

Like Blender, Barista was created by users for users, offering an answer to the problem of using AWS directly for cloud-based rendering. 

For the best experience, be sure to go over the How-To section of the built-in documentation (Help > Documentation): it’s the best way to ensure a smooth experience and efficient operation. In case of any questions, create a message below or contact BlenderMarket support.


The ultimate remote rendering tool for the Blender community

Thanks to Barista users, we are able to constantly improve the tool. Major updates are always  in the works. 

This is how we’ve recently made Barista better for you:

  • Support for Custom Blender Builds including E-Cycles, Fracture, and GraphicAll

  • GPU and Multi-GPU Rendering

  • Automated Rendering System

  • Automated Instance Management

  • Custom Frame List

  • File Output Node Support

  • Scene, Samples, and Camera render options

  • Complete Add-On Support

  • Folder-based Rendering (opposed to extracting a single zip file)

  • LuxCore Support

  • Automatic Physics/Simulation Baking

  • Optix support


Barista really has become a fundamental part of my workflow now. I rendered my current uni project for about $40. I would have paid that for 200 frames alone on other render farms for sure.

-Johannes Jakob

Barista is a wonderful addon. For my projects in Blender, I use AWS instances a lot for managing huge scenes, for physics simulations and also for rendering. With such experience in AWS, I can say that your addon is very impressive and saves a lot of time and resources. It is very much streamlined and helped me in a lot of my personal projects.

-Kranthi Kumar Elineni - Blender Cinematic

Latest Stable Release 1.7.5

Got questions? Follow Barista on Twitter @BaristaRender for latest updates 

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