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The Ultimate Bake Solution

BakeTool is the In-House solution developed by Cogumelo Softworks for Bake Rendering with Cycles and BI. For those that work with Interactive Ambient , Arch Viz, Games... and need a Blender Baking Solution for your Assets, Full scenes, High Poly to Low Poly Normal Maps and others, Bake Tool is just what you need.

What is the BakeTool?

BakeTool is an add-on for blender 2.7x that redesigns the way that Blender Bake works with a more coherent and easier workflow.

Do I Need It?

The way that Cycles and BI Bake workflow works today is too slow and complicated to handle large scenes and for daily usage. If you need to bake assets or scenes in a more easier, fast and safer way then BakeTool is just what you need.

What Features BakeTool Have?

BakeTool was designed for an In House solution, so it has everything that a studio needs to bake your scenes such as:

  • Multi Render: Baketool is the first multi render Bake solution for Blender. It support both Blender Internal Render and Cycles
  • Viewport Report: See the progress in the viewport with our interactive report system.
  • Safe & Easy: BakeTool doesn't mess up your materials,  scene, or objects. Just configure it as if for a render and Bake!
  • Multi Job & Multi Pass: Configure many jobs and passes you want setting object, devices, sizes and samples and bake it all once!
  • Assets or Full Scenes: Just add the objects that you want to Bake to the List with the "Selected to List" button.
  • Individual or Atlas Mode: You can bake objects as Individual Textures per pass or Join everything in a single Atlas per pass.
  • Bake to Target: Do you want to Bake High to Low Poly models or just Bake to a single Object? Just use Bake to Target!
  • Auto Save Externally and Pack in .Blend: Don't mess up your texture library, totally safe internal and external save.
  • Auto Config Image Format: Just select the format, we change all parameters for you to give you the best File Size/Quality.
  • Automatic UV Unwrap Function: Automatically create and unwrap non overlapped uvs for your objects. Speed up your workflow a lot!
  • New Pack UV Space Function: Problems with Overlapped UVs in multiple Objects? Not anymore! BakeTool has its own Pack UV Space Function that makes the active UV of selected objects into a Big Atlas without Overlaps!
  • More Coming! See more news, videos and tutorials in our Youtube Channel


Why should I buy it?

We are a small studio from Brazil, and we have already done some great things for Blender such as Graph Theme and BoolTool add-on. Now we need to raise some money to keep developing Baketool and our other Add-ons. We want to support BF with blender development as well, so we’re assigning part of all sales for the BF Development Fund. That’s our way of saying Thanks to BF for all the good stuff that they have done. On top of it, BakeTool is the Best solution for Blender Baking on the Market, so if you just want a tool to work with Baking, BakeTool is what you need!

Release Log

Ver 1.42 HotFix

  • Fixed bugs in the Automatic UV Unwrap

Ver 1.41 HotFix

  • Suported version now is Blender 2.78b.

Ver 1.40 What's New Video

  • New Automatic UV Unwrap System!
  • Support to new Cycles Pass Selector Combine
  • Enable/Disable per pass in Cycles and BI
  • New Object Manager List
  • Remove Limit of Bake Size
  • Bug fixes in BI reports and more.

Ver 1.32

  • Added Bias Parameter to Target Render
  • Better UI for AO Settings in BI Mode
  • Fixed bug in AO Normalization in BI Mode
  • Fixed bug in register/unregister
  • Fixed crash when "bake multires" is enable in BI

Ver 1.31

  • Support to Renderstreet render farm system (Read More)
  • New support to TARGA (TGA) export save
  • Fix problems with BI Bake + Render Target

Ver 1.3 - What's New Video

  • New Job System
  • New Report/Progress System
  • Support to Custom Output Nodes
  • Core Redesign
  • UI Redesign
  • Many Bug fixes for all areas.

Ver 1.21 - What's New Video

  • Cleanup and bug fix version
  • Atlas name Prefix are not saved externally in Cycles
  • Changed  Max resolution in 4K to 4096
  • Now Baked image have alpha Channel
  • Cage Render was not working right, fixed now
  • Card Reference Updated with new colors

Ver 1.2

  • Added Blender Internal Render Support!
  • UI and worklfow improvements with eyedrop object selectors
  • New Error Catch system with more than 20 error handlers with Info Reports.

Ver 1.1

  • New Auto Pack UV inside the Bake process for Atlas Mode (Video)
  • Fix : In some computers CUDA disappear if Bake Tool was set as Default On in User Preferences
  • Change UI about per pass device config:
    • If you don't have a GPU Device enabled in User Preferences it don't show the device selector per pass anymore, it show a message informing that it will use CPU instead.
    • If you have a GPU Device enable in User Preferences it keep as previous version

 Ver 1.0

  • UI and Panels
  • Multi Pass Support
  • Individual and Atlas Mode Support
  • Bake to Target
  • Auto Save Externally and Pack in .Blend
  • Auto Config Image Format
  • Pack UV Space Function


BakeTool Reference Card:

If you have any problem please contact us inbox.

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Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 4 from 19 ratings by the community.

  • 5263b435a78dc091a9da9805021c4ca3

    ronenosity 3 months ago

    Using it happily for a few years now. Very useful

  • 4520d9d7a9052ef75042dd3e37aa5f27

    basketbuddy101 3 months ago

    Cuts the time to bake in cycles by more than half, at least by my estimation. Fantastic addon that I will likely use for many years to come.

  • 4e62d286208b2484918ba51b81e8c8f6

    Denis 4 months ago

    Great addon, thank you for the work you did. 2 extra features will make this addon perfect:
    1. Automatically bake textures of all images from a specified folder.
    2. Bake multiple materials that each has multiple textures separated by folders.

  • 1d98b2e81d3013dbeb9f7dd4c13b676e

    wshiahb 6 months ago

    Hi. I bought BakeTool few weeks ago. I found that this add-on took much longer time to bake a texture than the blender's default method does. And sometime, the operation makes Blender "Not Responding", and I don't know what was running behind, and what I was waiting for. I baked all my texture manually, using Blender's default method at the end.

    Can this problem be solved? FYI, I am using Blender 2.79.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      Hi wshiab Please contact us in Inbox Support. We will be happy to help you. Sure there's something quite wrong with your configuration. I think that it could be too large textures (8~16K) or too much samples but we can take a look closer about your scene. About it be slower than blender's bake it's impossible since we use it. We don't implement a new bake system just a easier workflow to use it. Bye!

  • 36857053d13919bf5743c0935dd4207c

    Brian Ericson 7 months ago

    This is a great addon. I've been using it for a long time. Hoping to see support for the Principled Shader soon.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      They already support it in Blender 2.79! Have some fun! ;)

  • 6ee114e332e3e8ece40b32abfffc05e4

    guitartom47 7 months ago

    When it works, it's wonderful, but I've been trying to combine my Substance designer materials onto one UV Atlas and this addon just won't do it. It actually creates atlas maps and then maps the old overlapping images on top of that. There are huge image textures in these materials so I think it has something to do with that. When I tried simple scenes such as those in the demo videos, the addon worked well. Anxiously waiting for the next update, which I hope will work better. I'm not ready to give up yet.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 7 months ago

      Hi guitartom. We answered your questions inbox. Hope this solve all your doubts about how to bake the atlas. Bye! ;)

  • A109a24983d03e1401fda76156d939be

    edwstoa 7 months ago

    It can be very useful at times, but it is one of the fussiest damn programs I've ever used. It has numerous quirks, like requiring you to restart Blender between bakes. It also has a lot of issues with layers. The issues are compounded by the fact that the documentation is threadbare, and you have to go find all the quirks on your own. It can be a very useful tool if you do a lot of texture baking, but prepare yourself for days of banging your head against your desk trying to figure out how to get it to work consistently.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 7 months ago

      Hi edwstoa. You don't need banging you head at all. This is why we're here, to help you. Contact us inbox for any problems or doubts. Bye! ;)

  • 89faa594d8702df7d3efa455a2ee7e6f

    papasmurf7777 8 months ago

    This addon it's just awesome!

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      Thanks \o/

  • F2c261f833471fe976a06c3dbc2b3114

    Coverop 9 months ago

    (Note: I would rate 4.5 If I could)
    It is a great addon for baking textures... a bit confusing but much more powerful than the default one.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      Hi Large! If you have any suggestion please contact us, we will be happy to listen what you have in mind for future releases of baketool ;)

  • Thumb

    hoxolotl 10 months ago

    Great addon, I use it mostly to pre-render architectural visualisations for VR.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      Thanks! Let'us see what you have been doing with Baketool we will be very happy ;)

  • 1799cd78a3559d6b9367a1ea850e1f9a

    Ryan Harris 10 months ago

    Great Baking tool addon for blender.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      Thanks! \o/

  • Ca0cefa4660b1fbb7a6cceae5af13b7a

    pilamin 11 months ago

    Working on a game where I bake lightmaps in Blender and export the atlas textures into Unity. Without any doubt BakeTool greatly simplifies the process.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      If you like Unity take a look at B2U Blender Addon here in Blendermarket. B2U and Baketool make a great ToolSet to produce Assets for Unity!

  • 0a36bfbf8cd6db5a795dd9dd75cf0e72

    simiyaworld 11 months ago

    it doesn't work...

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 10 months ago

      If you have any problem just send us a inbox message and we will be glad to help you. ;)

  • Thumb

    Vavrinec Foltan about 1 year ago

    When I had to bake several objects in succession, I needed this addon. It works great.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks 6 months ago

      \o/ Hope it have been making your day-work easier

  • Thumb

    10rafa about 1 year ago

    I tried many times, but doesn't work for me, im using blender 2.78c

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks about 1 year ago

      Hi 10rafa. We answered your issue inbox. We would be glad to help you.

  • 5b0bb46f05f57626b7007d7a13eba4b9

    davide11 over 1 year ago

    I tried but it doesn't work :(
    What am I doing wrong?

    Can you help me ?

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks over 1 year ago

      Hi Davide11. We have a nice inbox communication channel here for our customers. Can you send a message to us talking more about the bugs you find? We will be glad to help you. Bye! ;)

  • 1b7fa0a291557df950bbda57a9929e32

    scigor over 1 year ago

    Agree, THIS is how should be Blender's baking system!

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks over 1 year ago

      Thank you! ;)

  • 1ddaeab014c42e307f13f5284b7d2efc

    F G over 1 year ago

    A must-have for baking. It is impossible to effectively bake Cycles GI without it.

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks over 1 year ago

      Thank you for rating it! ;)

  • A85bfd1f4e25900d4f0ec6d00f8acebc

    vinc3r over 1 year ago

    Enhance and simplify a lot texture baking in Blender, needs to be by default in addon blender package in my opinion :)

    • C84ed643afe6e076c977fad2a6603d08

      Cogumelo Softworks over 1 year ago

      Thanks vinc3r, we hope you have some fun using it ;)

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