B4D Tools 1.4.2 (Mograph Tools In Blender)

by Byfenix in Modifier Setups

B4D Tools are tools to help the C4D Artists on Blender. As a user of Cinema 4D most feature MoGraph system, I decided to create a similar tool in Blender.

As well for non-C4D Artists are great tools for cloning assets, Animations, Motion Graphics...etc.

Get B4D Tools BCloners with Effectors 1.4.2 for 14.99 dollars. (The price will change with respect to the number of available tools in the future).


Now the Addon is fully compatible with any Blender language. (I tested with Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, but it should work with any language). If you have any problems write to me, please!

NEW!! Full refactor of Falloff System, replaced with a Field System like C4D!! Updated for Blender 4.1!

Addon Preferences: Option to choose if you want the addon on T or N panel & New!!! Documentation Button!

- Fast and easy installation => Check here:

How does it work?

With 1- 3 Clicks you can create the common Mograph effects on Blender with this tool.

- BCLONERS - with 6 BCloners:

- EFFECTORS - NOW! with 14 Effectors:

- FIELDS - NOW! with 11 Fields:

- MODIFIER FIELDS - NOW! with 6 Modifier Fields:




- Addon Version easy to use.

- Asset Browser Version easy to use.

- Futures updates are included in both versions.

- Enjoy!


Blender 4.1.1 and above.

Disclaimer: The B4D Tools were tested only with the official 4.1.1 stable versions.

Need Help? Want to share your art? Bug?


Mainly Based on Geometry Nodes. With basic knowledge of Geometry Nodes, you can easily customise B4D Tool Nodes Tree. If you don't know Geometry Nodes yet, give it a try, you'll love it!

News and updates:

=> 24/03/29 BIG Update 1.4.2

=> 24/03/06 Update 1.4.1

=> 23/10/14 Small Update 1.4.0

=> 23/09/11 Update 1.4.0

=> 23/06/02 update 1.3.2

=> 23/05/13 small update 1.3.1

=> 23/03/19 Fourth update 1.3.1!

=> 23/01/03 Third, the big one, update 1.3!

=> 22/06/24 update 1.2.1!

=> 22/05/22 Second, update 1.2!

=> 22/03/12 First, update 1.1! Second, update 1.2!

=> 21/12/26 First Released!


The node groups and the included addon are licensed as GNU GPL - the same license as Blender use.

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Sales 200+
Customer Ratings 9
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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License Royalty Free
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