Abstractscape Vol.1 : Meshmachine Plugs

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This product is dependent on the 0.6 version of MESHMachine which already released This November, check out the Plugs Intro. Feel free to play around with Blend/obj/fbx version if needed..

Abstractscape Vol.1 is an asset collection designed for the MESHmachine addon* for Blender. A few more plugs will be added as i do more RnD. All updates are free. I also included all other format to be used in other 3d software packages.
This series mostly contains random stuff varied from electrical objects, fans and panels to random sci-fi mechanical plugs.


Includes :
-53 Plugs atm (Includes FBX , OBJ, & Blend File)
-Custom thumbnail renders 


Installation :

Method 1 
1. Unzip the AS.Vol.1_Plugs_v.0.1.zip to the MESHmachine installation folder:
Default MESHmachine addon location: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\MESHmachine\assets\Plugs\
(Locations may slightly vary based on blender version, or where MESHmachine was installed. Appdata is a hidden folder, make sure hidden folders are set to visible in file explorer.)

Method 2 
Open "Run" window, (Windows key + R), and type "%appdata%". You can easily navigate to the final location (seen above in method 1 ) from there.

Other OS : AS.Vol.1 to where MESHmachine installed under ...\assets\plugs\

2. [Optional] For custom thumbnails, extract AS.Vol.1_Alt.Icons_v.0.1.zip to ..\Plugs\AS.Vol.1\ and replace existing files with the files in the Zip

3. Restart Blender. Everything should be working when you open Plug Libraries or through HardOps if you have it (with MESHmachine enabled). 

Quick Notes : 

  • Some multidimension Plugs have a "bottom" vertex group for easy selection. 
  • Some Plugs like AS1.6071 might need a bigger precision value (6) In curved surface. 
  • *Regarding MESHmachine, awaiting for next update to drop so the plugs can be used

See MESHmachine documentation for more information at this Docs , Blenderartist , or MACHIN3 Youtube's Channel .
Looking forward to see what you make with it! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter!


Do not resell or otherwise redistribute these files in their original or any modified state.


Update Log :
[08/08/18] - AS Vol.1 v.1.0 :
53 Plugs + Other Format + Custom Thumbnail 

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