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MESHmachine is a blender modeling addon - created to allow for more flexibility, especially when dealing with rounded surfaces, traditionally created with the Bevel and Bridge tools.

The initial release provides a number of tools, that work in tandem and outline a modeling workflow, that was previously impossible.

MESHmachine should dramatically increase your flexibility, especially when working with bevels on a geometry level.

NOTE: This first release aims to test the waters, to find out what the larger community thinks and to retrieve feedback as well as uncover edge cases where the tools may fail to work as intended.


  • have the latest, stable Blender, 2.79b (other versions may work as well)
  • simply install by file, detailed steps are outlined in this installation guide.

NOTE: preview releases are less tested but contain new features. Check out the blender artists thread for details.

Get Started

  • in edit mode press the key to open the MESHmachine menu
  • choose Tutorial.blend


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This item has an average rating of 5 from 6 ratings by the community.

  • [email protected] 26 days ago

    Excellent addon with lots of great tools that will expand your modeling abilities by a whole lot. Simple as that.

  • Marcel Rothenburg 2 months ago

    I love this addon!

  • Monkok 5 months ago

    "This makes working with bevels a blast!" are the words that fit most. It just works and does it awesome. The author is ultra-responsive and very caring about his addons. I would totally recommend looking at DECALmachine too. Only thing personally I would ask from MACHIN3, is to include docs as pdfs if possible, since in Russia we often have problems opening certain sites =( and it would be nice to have an offline copy

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      Thanks for the review! Offline docs are included - in html format. The documnetaiton button in the MESHmachine menu opens it from inside Blender in the browser.

  • Janne Orava 5 months ago

    This makes working with bevels a blast! Was so excited to see someone tackle this problem and improve the bevel workflow.
    The developer is very active and puts a huge amount of effort in making this the best tool it can be.
    If you do hardsurface modelling, you should really add this tool to your toolset.

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

  • nateordie 5 months ago

    Gives you way more control over your bevels. Before it would be like "well I got one shot at this so I better make sure I set this bevel perfectly". And it would be a pain if you wanted to go back and change the angle or adjust the bevel. This makes it much easier to readjust bevels or remove them later on if you change your mind. Changing the width of the bevel is really nice. Being able to change between bevel/chamfer could be really useful for highpoly to lowpoly workflow for sure.

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      Thank you, that's what it's all about and what was my main motivation!

  • Robert Wesseling 5 months ago

    At first I had doubt if I would use this addon frequently enough, but gave it a go. After two days it turned out that this is the addon I would use to model nearly every hardsurface object that use bevels. It might be a bit confusing at first what every function is good for and what you have to select in order to use a particular function. Also if you use another addon or the bevel modifier you will get triangles easily. Therefore it might be eassier to use Ctrl-B. Very usefull addon, that gives you the experience you can controll bevels. Not only that, you could unbevel (unfuse) and unchamfer and re-arrange the bevels. Unf*ck tool comes in very handy.
    Things that could be improved in next version:
    - Would be nice if the fuse function remember last settings. This, when I want to give the four corner-edges of a cube the same bevel.
    - Not having to go to the Tool-panel or pressing F6 after pressing Y and clicking one of the available functions like Unfuse.
    - The possibility to select all triangle corners at once and adjust them in one go.
    - A simple cheatcheet for those who start with the addon. It might not be very intuitive for them what each function is and what they have to select. It's in the manual though, but probably for some a cheatcheet is enough or eassier.

    • MACHIN3 5 months ago

      1. Fuse already does remember the settings and always did. 2. Modal operators are being worked on 3. Multi Island selection are also coming, but in the case of resolving the triangle corners is tricky, because each corner can be resolved in 3 ways. So, should it just be randomized? No, it take you the designer to tell how the chamfer should flow. 4. There's built in tutorial scene, directly accessible from the Menu. There's also a direct link to offline docs, in the menu (which you didn't read, at first). I've also very quickly responded to your message and forum post and even replied with a demo vid. I'm a bit disappointed by the 4 stars to be honest.

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