Angle Tool

by z01ks000 in Scripts and Addons

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  • Eric Leo almost 2 years ago

    This saves so much work creating corbels, junctions, pipes, walls - anything where a corner is vital to symmetry. LOVE IT!

  • toomanydemons almost 2 years ago

    This item is very useful for creating modular sections that have corners. As a feature request, I would like to see an offset feature, such as the ability to make an extruded turn with more than one edge loop around an arbitrary point in space (the 3D cursor). This sort of added functionality would allow for wide extruded turns that would defeat Blender's oft-difficult bevel and bridge tools. In my humble opinion, this sort of added functionality would put this addon on the map. Cheers!

  • Francis PolvĂ© almost 2 years ago


  • Jacek Gabis almost 2 years ago

    Thanks! It works. All the setup it requires is assigning a key shortcut to it.

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