Alt Tab Easy Fog 2

by Alt Tab in Addons

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  • Matthew
    19 days ago

    Has saved me hours of work. Thanks.

  • Piero
    3 months ago

    Straightforward add-on to let you play with volumetric. The results look great, with simple settings to tweak.

    Even though setting up volumetric in Blender is not too hard, having this add-on at hand ensures a faster workflow, while making me focus on the creative side.

    All in all, great value for the money 👍

  • Mohammed Abdulhamid
    5 months ago

    I really thank everyone who is trying to make my life easier. Really recommend it.

  • Natille
    5 months ago

    In comparison to ATEF 1 - this feels like a new tool completelly and it's such a breeze to use and gives amazing results. I really recommend this to anyone - if don't know how to make fog good, this is perfect solution for you & if you already know volumes there's still some really cool tricks done in the shader editor that you can apply to your work + the addon UI is very thought out.

    On top of this the pricing you guys do is sooo customer FIRST that I almost thought it was a mistake that it's priced this low + you guys did the whole coupon code thing for previous owners and that speaks volumes to me.

    RESPECT for that and KUDOS to the two of you for releasing this <3 Alt Tab might be my favourite addon producer in the past year - alongside bproduction & Casey :D

  • Dare Le
    5 months ago

    Amazing stuff Alt Tab puts out!!!! INSTABUY!!!!!

  • pif56
    5 months ago

    I like this addon

  • Jonatan Heino
    5 months ago

    Amazing fogs, you can see the love for this addon in the tutorial video alone.
    Thanks guys <3 Keep em comig

  • David Hughes
    5 months ago

    Great update and a very useful and simple to use add-on.

  • Tatjana
    5 months ago

    The amount of VDB presets at this price is amazing!

  • Donavan Thornton
    5 months ago

    I bought, used, and loved v1. This version is something completely different.

    The quality and number of presets at this price point is incredible.

    My only regret is that I didn't have the money to get the "Alt Tab Everything" bundle at some point, because I've bought nearly every addon as they've come out, and they are always great. This one takes the cake, though. The fact that it includes some really gorgeous explosion VDB's would alone warrant a higher price, I think, on top of the excellent fog presets. I don't think I can gush about it enough. It's worth the (beyond reasonable) price!

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Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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