Alpha Trees - Render Massive Forests, Fast

by Strike Digital in Models

With Alpha Trees, you can...

Create tree cards, fast:

Super fast
Tree cards can render many times faster than normal 3D models, and only use a fraction of the memory, which means no more CUDA errors! This speed improvement only gets bigger with more complicated scenes.

High quality
Alpha Trees creates more than just one image per tree. In fact, it makes five, all packed with useful 3D information such as diffuse, normal and mask maps.
When these maps are combined, they can create a realistic illusion of 3D geometry that can react to lighting from all directions, including translucency.

Alpha Trees lets you generate trees one at a time, or in batches to help speed up your workflow. Compared to generating these same maps by hand, Alpha Trees many tens of times faster, only limited by the render time.
You can export packs of Alpha Trees you create as zip files that can be shared and installed by other users. These can even be used commercially (If you are the creator of the original 3D tree model).

Import them easily:

Alpha Trees has an easy to use, but powerful importer that lets you place tree cards in your scene with the click of a button, and even import multiple trees at a time.

Fully customisable
Each tree has a powerful material that lets you control every aspect of its appearance, from colour and translucency to snow and number of leaves.

Scatter them, hassle-free:

Alpha Trees has a powerful scattering system that makes it easy to create massive forests in only a few clicks. The addon sets up all particle systems for you, so you don’t have to worry about changing a thousand different settings to get the result you want.

Easy to use
Trees are put into biomes, which are used to organise all of the trees in a scene. These can then be saved as presets and used in multiple files, making creating realistic scenes even easier.

Effortless distribution
With Alpha Trees, you can get natural distribution and sizes on any terrain with procedural weight layers. Alpha trees can currently generate weight maps for slope, height and water flow (with more coming soon!) which can then be blended to create realistic distributions.

Plus, you get...

Comprehensive documentation
The addon comes with a wealth of descriptive in addon tooltips (that can be turned off) and also has in-depth documentation that you can access online, or locally.

15 ready-made trees
The addon comes with 15 high-quality trees from 5 different species to help get you started with using the Alpha Trees addon.

5 biome presets
There are also 5 biome presets that you can add to, edit and use in any of your scenes with the click of a button.

Find out more:

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