Spring Sale 2021 Results

About the Sale

Each season Blender Market runs a site-wide product sale.  Participation in a sale is completely optional. Any Creator that opts in has their products discounted for the duration of the sale. 

About us (which is also about many of you)

Our goal with events like these is to increase product sales and, in turn, improve the ability of Creators to run independent businesses built on their Blender products.  This community we have built belongs to all of the Creators who choose to participate in Blender Market and now also includes the Affiliates working in tandem with them.  To celebrate those efforts, we believe in sharing your success and making these results public.  

2021 Results

These numbers reflect just the five days of the sale, April 7 through 11 of 2021. They include all purchases made during the sale (products both on sale and not on sale) and do not include purchases that were refunded.

  • Gross merchandise value: $349,089.01
  • Creator earnings: $283,721.37
  • Affiliate earnings: $14,589.96
  • Total refunded revenue: $1,705.59
  • Total Blender Dev. Fund donations: $6,870.35
  • Blender Market gross revenue: ~$43,907.33
  • Total products sold: 14,249
  • Total orders: 7,662

Occasionally, to understand how far we've come, it's helpful to look back at where we've been.  Comparing this year to our 2020 Spring Sale, we see consistent growth.  Gross merchandise practically doubled and Creator earning more than doubled since 2020!  Considering the number of Creators has not increased at the same rate as earnings, we believe many Creators are seeing growth in their individual earnings as well.  The one line item we can't compare is Affiliate earnings.  This time last year, the Affiliate program was just born.  Seeing these Affiliate earnings are the icing on the Affiliate program's one year birthday cake.  We are continually impressed by the work and dedication of everyone participating in Blender Market and we appreciate this opportunity to highlight your achievements.


Our sincere thanks go out to each and every one of you who has contributed to and promoted Blender Market, pushing it to grow into what it has become.  We look forward to where we will go together.  🧡


  • marko matosevic 15 days ago

    Great job guys. 

    • Amber Kelly 14 days ago

      Same to you!

  • MACHIN3 15 days ago

    Thanks for putting on this sale, it's an incredible event every time!And it's amazing to see the space grow and the quality increase across the board.-MACHIN3

    • Amber Kelly 14 days ago


  • Team Csharp 15 days ago

    awesome event! Keep on keeping on market!

    • Amber Kelly 14 days ago

      Thanks. See ya around the market as we keep keeping.

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