Spring Sale 2020 Results

Each season Blender Market runs a week-long product sale. These sale campaigns are all opt-in—we invite Creators to join but participation is completely optional. Any Creator who does opt-in then has their products discounted for five straight days. The goal is to increase product sales, thereby improving the ability for Creators to run independent businesses built on their Blender products.

Without fail, these sale campaigns have proven wildly successful. Last year the Spring Sale brought in gross merchandise value of $124,967.48, and this year we surpassed that amount by more than $50,000!

2020 Spring Sale Results

These numbers reflect just the five days of the sale, April 20 through April 24 of 2020. 

  • Gross merchandise value: $176,446.67
  • Creator earnings: $134,233.31
  • Total refunded revenue: $1234.57
  • Total Blender Dev. Fund donations: $3,135.57
  • Blender Market gross revenue: ~$30,992.77
  • Total products sold: 884
  • Total orders: 4,081

I continue to be amazed by how the Blender Community grows each year. Every year we're seeing increasingly great products and welcoming more new Creators to Blender Market. 

When we launched Blender Market in 2014, our goal was to enable Blender artists to earn a sustainable living with their product businesses. I'm proud to say that this is happening—every month there are more independent businesses making a viable living from their Blender Market earnings.  

Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped Blender Market, its Creators, and its customers to learn, grow, and reach new heights.


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    over 1 year ago

    i love u guys

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    over 1 year ago

    i love you guys smooch from me

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