Zuv Tools

by Zach Eastin in Scripts and Addons

ZUV Tools extends Blender's UV toolset with some powerful selection, spreading, smoothing, and manipulating tools. Bringing over tools such as smooth, find shortest path, circle, relax, and many more ZUV Tools gets you working faster than ever.

2.0 Main Features:

Shortest PathWith two selected UVs this operator will find the shortest path according to the selected algorithm and source.

Spread Straightens selected UVs and spaces UVs evenly or according to their distances on the mesh.

Smooth Smooth selected UVs. Great for when interior UVs of the same island are intersecting and Minimize Stretch isn’t doing what you want.

Circle Turns selected UVs into a circle

Transfer Selection Transfers selected UVs between UV sync modes

Plus 9 more!

Check documentation for full list of features!