Zen Uv

by Sergey Tyapkin in Scripts and Addons

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  • Den 2 days ago

    Top notch set of tools for unwrapping process, makes it much less pain to do.
    Special thanks to customer support - fast and constructive.

  • Alex 27 days ago

    generally OK, streamlines the whole UV workflow within Blender, has some neat tools and UI, BUT documentation is very generic, could use some work, also the part that definitely needs some attention is customer support, this one is pretty bad.

  • crankenstein 2 months ago

    Have not explored the other features much but i'm very happy with 'Texel Density', 'Quadrify', especially the 'Checker map' toggle key. I would like to see a dedicated toggle for 'mark seam / clear seam'. you can use hard ops but its kinda annoying having to disable mark sharp/crease/bevel weight. It would be very convenient to have a dedicated seam toggle key. Looking forward to explore the addon more in future. 👍

  • J H 3 months ago

    Must have—if you enjoy your sanity that is.

  • max 4 months ago

    Thanks😌 Must have addon for UV

    • Sergey Tyapkin 4 months ago

      Thank you! =)

  • Rico 4 months ago

    I really can't see why anyone would give this anything other than 5 stars. It does exactly what it is meant to do, and the price is very reasonable.

    My main UV package is RizomUV, but sometimes I want to just get the UVing done in Blender, and this addon does what I feel Blender is missing for me to have a decent experience UVing.

    Thanks devs.

    • Sergey Tyapkin 4 months ago

      Many thanks! =)

  • aj jimenez 4 months ago

    Absolutely THE MOST USEFUL blender add-on tool I've purchased! This thing has saved me hours of wasted time. Clean, Easy, and it just Works. I Love It!

    • Sergey Tyapkin 4 months ago

      Thank you!

  • EyeQueue 5 months ago

    I'm pretty new to Blender, (and my 3D modeling experience before Blender is about 20 years out of date) and after watching some videos and trying to do my UVs manually, I went looking for add-ons. Based on the demo video, this was the first one I decided to try (grabbing UV Toolkit, as suggested, as well.)

    So, with very little experience, and even though I'm only making use of a portion of its features so far, this tool is already making my UV life a LOT easier. As an added bonus, I am finding that using these two tools in tandem is helping to teach me more about the UV mapping process in an easily digestible way.

    • Sergey Tyapkin 5 months ago

      Many thanks!

  • vince vibar 6 months ago

    This product is amazing but.... Is there a way to not affect the sharp edges while using zen unwrap? I hate to go back and redo marking the sharp edges. It overwrites my sharp edges

    • Sergey Tyapkin 6 months ago

      Many thanks! You just need to remove Mark Sharp Edges in Marking options. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0atnkbdb2ac9c7o/marksharp.png?dl=0

  • Danny 7 months ago

    ZenUV has really grown, both as an add-on, and on me as a user of said add-on. I admit, I was a bit disappointed when it first shipped and I was a bit quick to judge as I was very used to another UV unwrapping tool-kit. Today, the documentation still could use some help, but luckily there are some users who are putting up greate YT vids which help explain much of the current feature set. I now use ZenUV every day in my workflow and I'm excited to see it evolve. I look forward to what's next and would recommend this add-on to anyone struggling to get to grips with UV unwrapping in Blender.

    • Sergey Tyapkin 7 months ago

      Thanks! We're working on tutorials to help people use our add-on in the most effective way. Stay tuned, we're adding new tools with every update!

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