Ww2 Liquid Storage Assets Collection

by KangaroOz 3D in Models

This small collection includes a metal drum, an old jerrycan and a modern jerrycan from the german army, WW2. Each model includes 4 variants of texture for Oil (grey or sand color) and Water (grey or sand color).

This collection includes 6 pre-assembled assets for games.  

The original individual 3D models are WW2 german drums and jerrycan assets. Ready to use in any game engine, this assets are all in lowpoly and can be used on any Second World War scene you have made. This liquid storage assets will embellish all your 3D scenes.

The original individual 3D models are ready for game and low poly using. All materials are ready for PBR rendering.

Originally created with Blender 2.80

Low poly model


  • Objects : 3
  • Polygons : 1211
  • Subdivision ready : Yes
  • Render engine : Eevee (Cycles ready)
  • Metal drum : 488 polygons
  • Jerrycan : 561 polygons
  • Old jerrycan : 162 polygons


  • Materials in scene : 4
  • Textures sizes : 4K, 2K & 1K
  • Textures types : Diffuse, Metallic, Roughness, Normal (DirectX & OpenGL), Heigh and AO
  • Textures format : PNG


  • Real scale : Yes
  • Scene objects are organized by groups


File formats do not include textures. All textures are in a specific folder named 'Textures'