Writing Utensils Asset Pack

by StruffelProductions in Models

Importing the Objects

  1. Go into the scene to which you want to add the Writing utensils
  2. Got to File > Append
  3. Navigate to the "Pencil_assets.blend" file
  4. Go to "Groups" (Not Objects!)
  5. Select which Pen/Pencil you want
  6. Import, done!

The different Utensils

The rigged tips

The rigged tips (availible for the coloured Pencil and the Pencil with the Eraser) consist of three bones. The first (largest) bone defines the general shape of the mine, while the other two are there to flatten or sharpen the tip. Unlike the first one they can also be rotated to allow for more interesting shapes.

The shape keys

Shape keys are available for the pencil with eraser, the ballpoint pen and the fountain pen. They are all named according to their function.