Setting up Asset Library

Step 1:

Create a folder and drop WrapMaster.blend into it.

Step 2:

Set the folder containing WrapMaster.blend as your asset library in Blender's Preferences->File Paths->Asset Libraries.

Step 3:

How to use

Wrapping is generated around the cylinder, which you can edit to adjust its shape.

These settings, divided into sections, give you control over the wrapping:

Walkthrough video:


Wrap Master 1.2:

  • Fixed: RopeHD with lowpoly checkbox selected could have broken UVs - now UVs work properly
  • Tweak: RopeHD lowpoly 'adaptive reduce' gives nicer more consistent results

Wrap Master 1.1:

  • New chain and ropeHD assets
  • Fixed fill caps glitch that could occur on rope assets when changing the length of the wrapping


Wrap Master is compatible with Blender 3.5 and higher, if you experience crash on start please check your Blender version.

When using Snap to Surface remember that wrap master cylinder must be outside of the source geometry, otherwise it will create unwanted results, since the wrap is snapped using normals direction but inwards:

Wrap Master uses underlying UVs to place the wrapping around the mesh, if some weird behaviour occurs, it might be related to the UVs.

In this example uncheck "Correct UVs" when using Edge Slide:

Also select "Merge UVs" when collapsing edges.

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