Worker Animations - (Motion Cast#08-Vol.1)

by Motion Cast in Models

In this animation pack, we propose several animations of various workers and in several fields, while remaining in connection with the manual work. We have thought the animation in the long term, that is to say that these animations will be quite long. All animations are captured in motion capture at 30 FPS and retouched manually. The motion capture was performed by Stéphane Pfeffer, who did a lot of manual work through the interim.

I specify that are sold only the animations, the 3D model is only present for aesthetic and technical purposes. In the pack, you will not find any scenery, some animations have a sample object (broom, mop or sponge, modeled very roughly) But even with this sample object, it will be up to you to replace it and make, if necessary, the changes that would correspond perfectly to your 3D model. For this pack, we did not animate the fingers of the hand either.

List of animations :
-6 animations of sweeper (4 minutes)
-2 animations of a guy cleaning the floor (1,5 minutes)
-1 animation of a guy cleaning a table (short)
-2 animations of a guy cleaning a wall with a rag/sponge (4 minutes)
-2 animations of a painter painting the wall(s) with a telescopic paint handle (3 minutes)
-1 animation of a painter painting the ceiling with a telescopic paint stick (1,5 minutes)
-1 animation of a guy hitting with a hammer (short)
-3 animations of a guy picking up garbage with a grabber (3 minutes)
-1 animation of a worker working on a production line in a factory (1 minute)
-1 animation of a worker who takes a box and puts it from point A to point B (short)

This makes a total of 20 different animations, 17 of which are quite long, for a total of more than 18 minutes. Each animation is in a separate .blend file.

This pack will be updated in the future, and we will add more animations in the coming months !

We would like to improve and offer you the best animations possible, that's why we invite buyers to leave comments on this page, but also to follow us on social networks:




For any request or technical problem, you can contact us directly by e-mail :

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Rigged, Animated
License Royalty Free
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