Woodland Hedgehog Ceramic Statue

by Arctic Tutorials in Models

Woodland Hedgehog Ceramic Statue. Created from Photogrammetry, retopologized, baked, and with a Multi-Res modifier. This model is intended as a secondary element, something to compliment a scene, and should fit in a taiga, temperate, montane, or any other woodland forest scene you can think of.

What's inside:

- Hedgehog model

- fbx exports in successive levels of multi-res (up to 3)


Object Dimensions:

Height: 7.5in (19.05cm)

Width: 10in (25cm)



-Verts: 24.8k - 1.6m Multi-res

Faces: 27.8k - 1.6m Multi-Res

Tris: 50k - 3.37m Multi-Res

Quads and Tris only.