Wooden Floor Tiles Pbr Texture

by CGHawk in Surfacing

Wooden Floor Tiles PBR Texture

Enhance your architecture or game development project with the high-quality Wooden Floor Tiles PBR Texture from CGHawk. This 4K texture boasts stunning details and a realistic wooden finish, perfect for creating a natural and warm ambiance.

The texture set includes diffuse, normal, roughness, specular, and metallic maps, ensuring a complete and realistic representation of the wooden floor. The texture size is optimized for high-end 3D projects, making it suitable for both architects and game developers.

Integrating the texture into your project is a breeze – just drop it into your 3D program and apply the material. This seamless process saves you time and ensures an effortless integration of the texture into your project.

Elevate your project's visual appeal with the Wooden Floor Tiles PBR Texture by CGHawk, and enjoy the realistic and natural beauty of high-quality wooden flooring.

Wooden Floor Tiles PBR Texture by CGHawk