Wood Pbr Texture Collection

by CGHawk in Surfacing

Wood PBR Texture Collection

Wood PBR Texture Collection is a collection of 10 PBR textures specifically designed for use in games and 3D projects, this product is a valuable addition to any game developer or 3D artist's toolkit.

Each texture included in the collection is a high-quality 4K resolution image, providing users with an exceptional level of detail and clarity. This means that the textures can be used for close-up shots or even in virtual reality applications without any noticeable loss of quality. Additionally, the variety of different types of wood included in the collection makes it easy to find the perfect texture for any project.

The Wood PBR Texture Collection features a range of textures, from the rich grain of oak to the distinctive knots of pine. The textures are all created using a physically based rendering (PBR) workflow, which ensures that they are accurate and realistic in a variety of lighting conditions. This makes them ideal for use in real-time applications, such as games or virtual reality experiences, where lighting can be dynamic and constantly changing.

In addition to their high quality and variety, the textures in the Wood PBR Texture Collection are also easy to use. They come with all the necessary maps, including albedo, normal, roughness, metallic, ambient occlusion and displacement, which means that they are fully compatible with most 3D rendering engines and software. This makes it easy for users to integrate the textures into their existing workflows without any hassle.

Wood textures included in the package:-

Cardboard PBR Texture Faux Wood Texture Matte Painted Wood PBR Texture Oak Planks PBR Texture Painted Wood PBR Texture Tree Bark PBR Texture Wood PBR Texture Wood PBR Texture Type 2 Wooden Beam PBR Texture Wooden Floor Tiles PBR Texture

Overall, the Wood PBR Texture Collection is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality, realistic wood textures for use in games and 3D projects. With its 10 unique textures, each created with the latest PBR techniques and provided at a resolution of 4K, this collection is an excellent value and an essential tool for any game developer or 3D artist.

Just drag and drop the .fbx file into your scene and apply the material, it's that easy!

Multiple file formats including fbx, obj, blender, dae, stl, ply, x3d, abc, usdc, glb, datasmith and the images for the texture maps.

Wood PBR Texture Collection by CGHawk