Wireframe Generator Effect

by Beta Leonardo in Scripts and Addons

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  • kyle fox 7 months ago

    PRECISELY what I've been looking for for literally 6 months...

    I wanted a tool where I could take any object I created, then create a wireframe of the 'outer' shell of the object. Very useful in creating a full scene but showing a wireframe of a key object (e.g. a car) so that you can then show what is inside that object.

    Seriously, this is precisely what I needed and its very easy to use.

    Basically you click 'create wireframe', then delete the original object. All that is left is the 'outer shell' wireframe of that object. You can go into materials and change the emission color (default is electric blue)... so black, white, purple, whatever color you want.


    • Leonardo Betancur 7 months ago

      Thanks sooo much Kyle, I am very happy that you like it. Please if you have an issue, question or sugesstion please contact me. I'll improve some stuff of the Add-on

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