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Professional Wireframing Made Fast and Easy

Exactly, fast and easy. Blender is well equipped for setting up wireframe renders, but when you create scenes containing lots of meshes which you would like to set up for wireframe renders, things go bad. It's a repetitive, tedious and who-knows-what task. I created this blender add-on to simplify just that.


Why Would I Need It?

You have just finished this awesome scene and just want to share it with the rest of the world. You feel that wireframe renders would be great but you have just used all your energy on completing the scene that you have none left for setting up wireframe renders. Ever felt that way? Wirebomb turns a tedious and even sometimes pretty tricky task, into something super easy. Furthermore, this is not only for showcasing your work, it can also be part of your work. You can create beautiful art with it! Lastly, ask yourself this: Why spend time doing something an existing add-on can do for you much faster?


What Will It Look like?

Professional. There are two different wireframing methods available, each working with either the Cycles Render engine or the Blender Render engine. You can either set up a wireframe through blender's freestyle renderer's capabilities, or you can set it up making use of blender's wireframe modifier. Take a look at the pictures above for examples of both methods.


Easy to Use

There are only three simple steps to it:

  1. Make sure the correct scene is active or switch to the correct scene.
  2. Configure the add-on's settings to match your liking.
  3. Hit the 'Set up new' button and in any moment you will have your wireframe/clay scene ready for rendering!

I highly recommend that you watch my ~3 minute video on how to use the add-on, for a deeper understanding. You can also read its documentation under the documentation tab.


The Price

Compared to most other add-ons on this marketplace, this is a cheap price considering what you get (yeah, future updates are included!). This might cause you to think that the add-on is faulty, that it lacks quality, but that's not true. I simply wish to reach a wide user base. Wirebomb is easy to use, produces professional looking results and it does that fast. I have tested it myself (a lot) and addressed a countless amount of bugs. However, if you do manage to find a bug, please report it to me ASAP and let me get rid of it!

Community-reported bug-count: 2


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you buy it but for whatever reason are not satisfied within 60 days of the purchase, I'll issue you a full refund! No questions asked.

Free Software

It's licensed under the GPLv3 license, meaning that you are free to use it in many ways including commercial use (read more about it here)! As previously stated, the source code is available here. However, if you do like it and can afford it, please buy it.



Update (2018-09-10) | v 1.1.3

  • 2 bugs were fixed, one of which was community-reported.

Update (2017-03-20) | v 1.1.1

  • 1 bug was fixed. It occurred when an interface language other than English was used. The bug made the add-on throw an error and stop running.

Update (2016-03-31) | v 1.1.0

  • Added support for Blender's internal render engine
  • Several bugs were fixed

How to Wirebomb


  1. Extract the contents of the .zip file you downloaded, now you should have a folder called “Wirebomb”.
  2. From within Blender, open up the “User Preferences” window (Ctrl+Alt+U) and navigate to the “Add-ons” tab.
  3. In the bottom row of this tab, there's a button saying “Install from File...”, click on it.
  4. In the file browser that opens, navigate to the “Wirebomb” folder that you extracted in step 1. Enter that folder, and double-click on “install.zip”.
  5. The add-on should now have popped up under the "Add-ons" tab, all that's left to do is enable it through marking the checkbox to the right of its name.
  6. Done, have fun!


For a better explanation of how to install an add-on (at least I tried!), I recommend you read this sweet tutorial written by the great Matthew Muldoon.

Trust me when I say that you'll have it installed in a minute! If you have any problems, contact me and I will personally try help you.



This is a step by step guide on how to use the Wirebomb add-on in Blender. I highly recommend that you also watch this video demo of the add-on, as it may help you better understand how to use it.

There’s essentially just three steps you need to follow to set up wireframe/clay renders using the Wirebomb add-on, easy right? Step one and three are simple two- and one-clicks each. Step two can take some time, maybe even up to a whole minute! No but really, it's a matter of seconds. I’ll now walk you through these three steps and all of the settings.


1. Select Scene

To begin with you need to select the scene you wish to set up for wireframe/clay renders, usually only two clicks needed.


2. Configure Settings

This is the main step: configuring the settings in the add-on's panel. This panel is located in the 'Properties' editor type in the 'Render' tab. There you will find the panel 'Wirebomb'.

(location: Properties > Render > Wirebomb)

You can see the add-on's interface above. Now don't be scared, it's really not that complicated. I'll tell you all about it below. :)


Save/Load Config Files

First off, we have the options of saving and loading config files. If you configure the add-on's settings to your likings and wish to reuse the same configuration in other blender files/scenes, you can both save and load configuration files with the 'Save' and 'Load' buttons.

Save: Saves your settings in the add-on to a .ini config file.

Load: Loads a .ini config file which updates the add-on's settings to the ones in the config file.



The wireframing method to be used, depending on which one you choose the options available are slightly different. None is better than the other, their looks are very distinct from each other. Performance wise, the modifier method is generally slightly faster. Depending on how big the scene is it can be significantly faster than the freestyle method! However, note that the wireframe created through the modifier method is made of actual geometry. Thus, if your scene already eats your computer (performance wise) you might not be able to use the modifier method.

Freestyle: Uses the freestyle renderer.

Modifier: Uses the wireframe modifier.



These provide you with additional options, most of which are very straightforward.

* Backup scene: Create a backup scene, don't modify your current scene, instead modify a copy of it (highly recommended!).

* Clear render layers: Remove all previously created render layers (doesn't affect render, just a cleaning option).

* Clear materials: Remove all previous materials from objects (doesn't affect render, just a cleaning option).

Only selected: Only affect the selected meshes (don't care about 'Affected layers').

AO as light: Use ambient occlusion lighting setup.

* Use clay: Activate the use of clay.

Only clay: Only use clay, don't set up wireframe (you must activate the 'Use clay' option in order to be able to use this option).

(Composited wires) - This option will change: Adds the wireframe through composition (only available when 'Method' is set to 'Freestyle'). This option is needed if you want to have a scene containing both wireframed meshes and not-wireframed meshes. It puts the meshes that are to be wireframed on a separate render layer, and then combines it with the other render layer (containing all other objects) in the compositor.

NOTE: This is ONLY a necessary solution if you would like to use the 'Silhouette' Freestyle render option (location: Properties > Render Layers > Freestyle Line Set). In other cases, just turn of 'Silhouette' and ignore this (Composited wires) option.

* Activated by default.


Colors and Materials

The color(s) and/or material(s) that will be used for the wireframe and/or clay. When the checkbox 'Use clay' is checked, the clay color/material will be used. If also the checkbox 'Only clay' is checked, then the clay color/material will be used but not the wireframe color/material (as no wireframe will be created). Changing colors works in real-time, meaning that changes to them after the scene has been set up are applied immediately.

Use material: If active, a material specified to the right will be used instead of the color above.


Wireframe Thickness

Controls the thickness of the wireframe. This works in real-time, meaning that changes to it after the scene has been set up are applied immediately.


Affected and Other Layers

Affected layers: Layers whose meshes will be affected by wireframing/clay (only available if checkbox 'Only selected' is not activated). Other types of objects (not mesh) on these layers will be included as is.

Other layers: Layers whose meshes will be included as is, e.g. mesh lights. Other types of objects (not mesh) on these layers will be included as is.


Scene Name

Only necessary if 'Backup Scene' option is activated, in which case it is the name of the new wireframe/clay scene. Else, if given, it renames the current scene.


3. Hit ‘Set up new’

Lastly, all you have to do is hit the button that says ‘Set up new’, located at the bottom of the Wirebomb panel, and wait while your scene is being wirebombed… Have fun!

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