Wirebomb - Professional, Fast And Easy Wireframing

by GBomb in Scripts and Addons

Professional Wireframing

Blender is well equipped for setting up wireframe renders, but it can be a tedious task. This add-on currently offers two different wireframe methods. You can either set up a wireframe through blender's freestyle renderer's capabilities, or you can set it up making use of blender's wireframe modifier. Take a look at the pictures above for examples of both methods.

Blender 2.8x

The add-on is compatible with Blender 2.8x, but due to certain bugs in Blender 2.80-2.81 it is best used with Blender 2.82 or later.

EEVEE & Cycles

Both EEVEE and Cycles are fully supported.

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Update History

Update (2020-04-13) | v 2.0.0

The add-on was rewritten, making it compatible with Blender
2.8x as well as easier to maintain and further develop in the future.

Update (2018-09-10) | v 1.1.3

2 bugs were fixed.

Update (2017-03-20) | v 1.1.1

1 bug was fixed. It occurred when an interface language other than English was used. The bug made the add-on throw an error and stop running.

Update (2016-03-31) | v 1.1.0

  • Added support for Blender's internal render engine
  • Several bugs were fixed