Wind animated realistic grass and plants

by ABzH Prod in Models

Why Should You Buy ?

Don’t want to spend hours of creating a realistic looking grass scene ? Don’t want to waste time adding and tweaking nodes ? Sick and tired of trying to achieve realistic results? Then this is Perfect for YOU!


  • Realistic grass field animated by the wind
  • Adjust grass and plants number and layout via particle systems
  • Wind strenght and noise adjustable
  • Fully compatible with Weight paint and Vertex group for faster calculations
  • Realistic grass shader with color gradient
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Free updates/bug fixes
  • Realistic results
  • Background image, and 1 HDRI environnement image included

This Great Grass scene and Shader gives you total control. What can I use this for? This grass scene and Shader is perfect for nature and architecture scene:

  • Still images
  • Animated images and videos

And More…

Models provided:

  • Short Grass particle system
  • Long Grass particle system
  • Plants particle system (cheekweed and long plants)


Model Objectives

Thanks for chosing this wind animated grass scene 3D. I am sure it will fulfill your needs as it has been designed to be simple and ready to go in any of your scene. This scene contains all the 3D objects and particles systems, including materials, background image and 1 HDRI environnement image (World). Those models are aimed to be integrated in architectural visualisations and films, so the artist can focus on the whole architecture scene. All credits to

Setup and Adjustments


  • Make sure you are using Cycles Render.
  • Select "Ground grass" object to adjust the 4 particles systems.

  Thanks, enjoy !

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