Wind Animated Realistic Grass And Plants

by ABzH Prod in Models

Why Should You Buy ?

Don’t want to spend hours of creating a realistic looking grass scene ? Don’t want to waste time adding and tweaking nodes ? Sick and tired of trying to achieve realistic results? Then this is Perfect for YOU!


  • Realistic grass field animated by the wind
  • Adjust grass and plants number and layout via particle systems
  • Wind strenght and noise adjustable
  • Fully compatible with Weight paint and Vertex group for faster calculations
  • Realistic grass shader with color gradient
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Free updates/bug fixes
  • Realistic results
  • Background image, and 1 HDRI environnement image included

This Great Grass scene and Shader gives you total control. What can I use this for? This grass scene and Shader is perfect for nature and architecture scene:

  • Still images
  • Animated images and videos

And More…

Models provided:

  • Short Grass particle system
  • Long Grass particle system
  • Plants particle system (cheekweed and long plants)