Wheel Generator

by denis-liubushkin in Scripts and Addons

Wheel Generator - blender addon for fast and easily generate unique wheels with user customization. Each wheel is generated using more than a hundred parameters, so it often generate interesting variants in combination with good shader look like quite usability. So I hope you enjoy it.

  • create a wheel, tire, or disk, with shape and size adjustment
  • procedural PBR-shader for wheel with vary setting for different conditions
  • save in scene single or different wheels, with different geometry/shader parameters
  • many current and coming features
  • blender versions 2.83+, 2.9, 2.91
  • install as any blender addon

Documentation link

Getting Started video

Blenderartist forum topic

Generating random wheel 

Edit wheel shape 

Edit wheel material 

Known issues:

  • Using ctrl+z instantly after generation may crash blender. Please save your scene in time
  • Sometimes "Apply changes" failed first time, please try it again
  • If you find an issue or have any question, email me at [email protected]

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