Wheel Creator

by Sid J. Images in Models

Wheel Creator is a pack to create and customize easily your wheel. Perfect for all your car project ! You will save a lot of time and keep control on the artistic aspect. Very easy to use, all objects is properly named, the use of the add-on Layer Management is highly recommended (activate or deactivate the différent elements). You can choose the pattern of the tread, the height of the tread, the pattern on the rubber, the rim, the bold of the rim, the logo, and more...

Over 1800 combinaison possible ! Each material is adjustable with few clear value !

The pack included :

  • wheel_creator_EDIT.blend
  • wheel_lowpoly.blend
  • wheel_premade.blend

The txt_print.jpg is a preview of the different pattern to print on the side of the wheel.

The folder tex contain all the textures of the pack.

EDIT Create your own custom wheel


First, activate the Layer Management add-on (file>user preference>Add-ons>3D View : Layer Management)

 Check the eye aside one of the five tire, one of the six rim, on of the 3 break disc, and the break mechanism. You can also add on inside shape. 

It's the fist step to build the base of your wheel.

NOTE : The last layer is for the particles objects using in some particles system. It's not necessary to activate it to create your own custom wheel.

You can adjust the height of the treads in the Shape keys tab. New tire have generally higher treads, they shrink with the wear of time. 0,5 is the default setting.

Play around the slider Value to adjust the height of the treads.

 In the Particle tab of the rim, you can configure the logo, the valve, and the bolt. 

To use one of them, simply select it with the eye button on the right side and deactivated the other one. 

You have 5 different logo, two valves (with the capuchon and without + a lowpoly version for each) and 3 different bolt type.

NOTE : don't forget to check the camera icon to render properly.

The first tire also include a rubber hair particle system to add realism with this little detail that you can find on a brand new tire. Select the main body of the tire and activate the same way in the particle system


Select the main part of the wheel and go the node editor.

Simply connect the yellows sockets like the picture on the right. Each block is for one the the 5 pattern available.

NOTE : don't forget to connect the two textures (BUMP & TXT) of the same block.

Adjust as you wish the different sliders to customize the apparence of your wheel. 

You can even go further and let appear the text in white with the last slider to add a sport character to your wheel. 

An after effect file is included without the text if you want to customize the pattern with your own text.

For the rim, you can also adjust some setting. You can choose between two different shader, a black plastic and a grey plastic. Some rim models use both, you can switch the materials, use the same on the two different parts as you prefer. Every material is working correctly with every models. 

It's possible the change the bolt and logo material going to the particles objects layer (the last of the list).


Select all the component of your custom wheel and create a GROUP (CTRL +G).

Rename the group in the label Name.


Go to file > Append > wheel_creator_EDIT.blend > Group

Select your Group you've juste create and voila !

LOWPOLY A version with bump only for your faraway render

You will find in this blend file 5 tire with five different material. The mesh is very simple and the treads have no geometry. All the details are in the normal and bump map. The perfect solution for your tire landfill or your faraway render.

PREMADE 5 different models ready to use

In your scene, go to file > Append > wheel_premade.blend > Group

Select one of the 7 premade models. All the materials are still customizable in the same way.

         GROUP 1           GROUP2               GROUP 3           GROUP 4             GROUP 5            GROUP 6           GROUP 7      

BONUS : A red and white stack to create your race track :)

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