Weather Particles - Rain, Snow, Fog, Lightning

by Inlet in Render Setups

Are there tutorials?

Of course, check the Documentation section of this page.

Is this an addon (script)?

No, it's a plugin that uses a .blend file that has all the assets, textures and logic (node groups) inside for direct use. You can copy any of them over to any of your projects, while also preserving their original functionality. Before use, un-zip the archive.

The .zip doesn't install in Blender

Please un-zip the archive and open the .blend project.

My thunder looks basic

Enable bloom for thunder's true form!

I can't find the particle systems in the file

Each particle system has its own scene. In order to access it, you have to change the scene.

Real time preview?

If you have issues in Blender 3.1 with real-time previews, then just enable playback and you will see changes instantly.

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