Water Level Combiner

by StruffelProductions in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Creating good looking floors seems easy. Just download a nice PBR texture from any of the big sites, apply it and you are good to go. But some grounds are more complicated than that. There is moss in the crevices of pavements, puddles creeping up between the gravel and dirt covering up the last boulders of forgotten paths.

In most cases these more complicated materials require you to either be lucky and find the exact material with all the details and maps online or create it yourself in software like Substance Designer. Most people who decide to stick with blender just end up combining textures with a standard noise texture. And it looks awful. So let's do something about it!

This Water Level Combiner node mixes two shaders based on their displacement maps. This method allows for incredibly intricate surfaces consisting of two, three or even more PBR materials beautifully interacting with one another to create puddles, moss, dirty crevices and more.

Looks much better, doesn't it?