by Bookyakuno in Scripts and Addons

Pie menu add-on that summarizes frequently used functions by category.

It can be accessed from right click or Shift + S / F / G / T / Q / ctrl + D which is easy to press from the left hand.

By aggregating as a pie menu to a specific key, you do not need to press the enormous and complicated shortcut keys.

It's one of the add-ons I use most often of all I have created for myself.


right clickMesh select mode
Right click + ShiftAdd
Adding frequently used primitives and nodes
Right click + Shift + altShading mode switching
Q + altEditor type switching 
Q + Shift + altEditor type switching(Other)
S + ShiftSwitch cursor / origin
F + ShiftTools
modifiers add / merge / separate / modeling tools
T + ShiftTools misc
Alignment / parenting tools
G + ShiftSelect
various selection methods such as selection enlargement / reduction / inversion / each attribute
D + ctrlUV Unwrap


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