Vitra Moca Chair

by Randomance in Models

Vitra Moca, Jasper Morisson 2020

This model was made based on the stackable chair called Moca designed by Jasper Morisson, this model was originally made for a test of Archviz with mobile rendering (Android ES2) that i did too see how far can i go for the amount of detail with the least performance drawback.

Recommended Usage
Use this model for your architectural visualization which can be captured as close as you want with some minimal detail loss, the UV is well unwrapped so you can use it on the game engine of your choice though the UV for the lightmaps is not provided.

Model Dimension
The model is inherently metric, with the following dimension;

  • metric :W 50.1 x D 48.6 x H 78.7 cm
  • imperial : W 19.7" x D 19.1" x H 31" inches

Available Format

  • Blend. 2.90 - packed (native)
  • FBX
  • Texture only (Zip.)
  • OBJ
  • GlTF/glb

What you get
You will purchase 1 model with 2 texture set that have different looks, 1 is a dark wood with matte black metal and the other is light wood with chrome metal, the naming convention for the model, material and textures comply with UE4 standard naming convention.