Verónica, Latina Girl Character

by David Rodriguez in Models

Verónica is a pretty latina girl, she is ready to the animation "Fiesta"!

Verónica has a flexible and easy to use rig, designed to provide the best performance to the animators.


  • Ik/Fk limbs
  • Facial  rigging based on bendy bones
  • Lattice deformation for all the parts of the body
  • Bendy bones in the limbs
  • More than two hundred controls to offer amazing appeal
  • Hair physic ready
  • Hi quality deformations
  • Multiresolution sculpt
  • Low polygon count
  • And lots of Salsa!

you can download this model for free (without rig) from blendswap and follow my rigging workshop in youtube to learn to how rig this model.

After downloading the Rig, first thing to make, be sure  blender has active self python script execution, this enables the operation of drivers and scripts contained in the character.

You can access this option through the "File" > "user preferences"  under the "File" tab 


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