Vehicle Tires and Rims Models

by GraphicCompressor in Models


Zip File contains Car Tires & Rims models also in FBX and OBJ formats and one tire markings texture.

  • 3 tires with 3 different rims, plus one tire with different profile and tire grip studs
  • Texture file is included to create your own bump map images of tire markings
  • Cycles shaders for tires and rims included
  • Realistic results
  • Hires resolution models
  • Models grouped for better importing and linking
  • OBJ and FBX formats for each wheel model included
  • UVW maps for tire markings


  • Models 1,2,3 Faces: about 300,000
  • Model with tire grip studs Faces: 489,301
  • I suggest you use command in Blender “Link from are Library” to importing models to scene. EXAMPLE: File > Link > tires_and_rims_models.blend > Group > WHEEL_TIRE_GROUP_1
  • If you need higher subdivision level for models, check subdiv-modifier
  • In wheel model with tire grip studs check mask modifier (for studs visibility in render)

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