Tree Vegetation - Trees Shrub Plant Addon

by Bproduction in Models

What is the overall size of Vegetation?

2.4 Go for the Pro version

847 Mo for the Lite version

What about evergreen plants?

We preferred to ignore this constraint in order to be able to offer a greater variety of trees. Each tree is available in all four seasons, meaning four times the possibilities!

Why is the render in spring different in Cycles and Eevee?

This is a special feature of our Shader. The "Spring" function allows you to remove leaves from the tree. However, this feature is only compatible with Cycles. This gives you more realism, as in spring there are fewer leaves - this explains the difference in leaf density between Cycles and Eevee in spring.

What size is each asset?

It's hard to say as they are all different, but they are all between 30 and 100MB.