Uyir - Character model for film (with Rig)

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Uyir, the full character rig for films!

This is a character that was part of my recent animated short film "Uyir". Now that the film is over, I am offering his services to you! The character itself was the result of 3 months of work, including all the modeling, sculpting, rigging, texturing and so on. You can skip all this and use him straight away for your own film or other 3D-related projects. This will be perfect for semi-cartoony, semi-realistic style projects.

Main features:

This rig contains some pretty cool features that you can use straight away:

  • High quality elderly man character with semi-realistic skin, eyes and wrinkles
  • Looks great with close up shots and with different lighting setups!
  • Good-looking and believable facial expressions
  • Contains jacket, shirt, pants, belt and shoes
  • Contains hair, beard and moustache (which can be removed optionally)
  • Character rig built on Rigify with additional custom built facial rig
  • IK/FK controls for arms and legs
  • IK/FK snapping
  • Stretching legs and arms
  • Relatively light and affordable
  • Importing is a breeze! In your new .blend file, you just have to Append or Link the character group only.
  • Bonus walking stick and reading glasses included!

Based on the feedback I get for this, I will be happy to continue making more higher quality characters (or even sets of characters)!

UYIR ------ Thank you for purchasing this character rig! This is the main character from the animated short film "Uyir". I made this character in about 3 months. Please feel free to do whatever you wish with this character! The rig was made with Rigify with the facial rig made by myself. If you do not see the rig controls in the toolbar (pressing N in the 3D viewport), then you will need to change this text from "Welcome" to below. Then just press Run Script and you should have all the controls. To bring this character into a new blend file, just link/append the group "Uyir" in this file. I've grouped everything so that it would be ready to import and animate straight away. To prevent lagging in the 3D viewport, I've hidden the hair, beard, eyebrows and moustache. You can unhide them in the Modifiers panel. Even though, it is currently hidden, it will still render without problems. There are some deformation issues, especially with the jacket as it might penetrate through the skin. It is best to use cloth simulation in these areas. Note that there are toes peeking through the shoes. You can fix this by selecting uyir_mesh, then go to the Object Data panel in the Properties window on the right. Under Shape Keys, go all the way down to "hidefeet" and move the value to 1. I kept the feet visible in case you didn't need the shoes. Also note that, one or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit for more information. Kind regards, Danan Thilakanathan

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