UV Brush

Adjust the UVs on your mesh by stroking your model with a brush.

These tools can be accessed wither through the Kitfox - UV panel on the right of the 3D Viewport.  You can also access them from the uv unwrap menu (press U while in edit mode).

UV Brush
Start the UV Brush tool.

Radius of brush stroke.  You can also press the [ and ] keys to change the radius of the brush.

Multiplier for the strength of your brush stroke.

Pen Pressure
If checked, the pressure you apply with your stylus will multiply the strength of your brush.

UV Plane Projection Control

Creates a control that allows you to perform a UV planar projection in the viewport.

UV Plane Project
Start the plane project tool.

Selected Faces Only
If checked, only faces selected on your mesh will be affected by the control.

Step by UVs
If checked, when dragging the translation handles of the control, the UV adjustment will be snapped to multiples of the Step UV Scalar.

Step UV Scalar
When Step by UVs is enabled, specifies the snapping distance in UV space.

Start Mode
Defines how the control should be initialized when the **Uv Plane Project** button is pressed.

  • Bounds - Control aligns to the bounding box of your mesh.
  • Face - Control will attempt to match the existing UVs of the active face.
  • Grid - Control will match a single grid square.

Relocate Origin
When in Face mode, origin of UVs will be recalcuated to be near center of the active face.

Copy Symmetric UVs

Copy UVs to faces that are reflected across an axis.  For every selected face, this tool will check if a mirror image exists of it on the other side of the axis.  If so, the UVs of the selected side are copied to the unselected side.  If both are selected, the positive side of the axis is copied to the negative side.

Axis to reflect UVs across.

How close vertices need to be to be considered overlapping.  The reflected face's vertices must be within this tolerance of the source face's vertices.


Triplanar Projection

Perform a cubemap projection based on the grid coorinates.

Use Grid Scale
If true, the current scale factor of the grid will be applied to the projection.  Otherwise the layout will be done with absolute values.

U Scale
Multiplier for U coorinate.

V Scale
Multiplier for V coorinate.


Correct Face Attributes

This is the same attribute that Blender provides under the Tool/Options/Correct Face Attributes when in Edit mode.  It is duplicated here for convenience.

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