Unicorn Statue

by VizGig in Models

Unicorn Statue

Hello, and thank you for your interest in my model.

This model is created in Blender 2.79.

Materials were created with Substance Painter and mapped with the Principled BSDF shader. They will be visible in Cycles.

All textures are included and paths are set to relative.

If you wish to apply another texture, find the texture node in the node-editor window and change the file path. You will need to do this for the Color, Roughness and Normal inputs of the Principled BSDF shader. If you wish to adjust the scale or rotation of the texture, do so by changing the values in the Mapping node of each input to the Principled BSDF shader.

It is render-ready with an included HDRI file.

To import into your scene, the best method is to use File> Append, find the model then choose “Group” then choose group: “UnicornStatue. 

Folder contains:

  • .blend file
  • License Info
  • Help and Information Document
  • previews folder
  • textures folder
  • .dae file

Thank you so much for supporting me. I hope you enjoy this model!