Ultimate Ant Pack

by Xane Studios in Models

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Lighting, imperfections, smudges, and so on can truly bring life to your render, but to bring actual life to your scene, you would want to bring in an actual element of life. But then again, you wouldn’t want this element to be too distracting neither should it invoke a distracting emotion.

🐜 Ants are busy and very lively creatures. They have really fascinating behaviour and have refused to settle in some tropical region, so you can practically find them everywhere.

Just as we try to add smudges and imperfections to our renders, our renders are even more appreciated when we add living things which could somewhat be considered as 'imperfections'.

Someone staring at your render might not necessarily understand the level of detail you thought of when they see a slight scratch on glass, but they will definitely notice the level of detail you considered if they see actual living ants minding their business somewhere in your scene. It makes them feel like there’s so much more that’s been put into your render and more for their eyes to explore.

With this in mind, to suit different kinds of scenes, these ants come with the following animations

1. Ants walking in a straight line 🐜🐜🐜🐜

2. Ants carrying food (TargetObject)  🐜🍩🐜

3. Ants climbing up a Stump 🎍🐜🐜

4. Ants climbing up a tree bark 🌳

5. Single Ant Marching 🐜

6. 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 🐜

   🐜🐜 SWARM  🐜🐜

   🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 🐜

Yes… we went deep in studying ant behaviour, so fun :) .  Of course these aren’t every single animation that ants have, but in future we will be including more. Future animations may not be as general as these and will likely be more specific to nature renders.

Selecting these animations depends on the distraction level you would want to invoke and also the environment they’re in. So climbing up a stump and climbing up a tree trunk would be a no-brainer for nature renders.

From research on marketing and consumer behaviour, our brand strategist discovered that subtle elements such as these have a huge effect on the viewers experience. It was the perfect tool for a really successful project we completed recently and I couldn’t resist but take it further by simplifying and modifying it into a product for you to use easily in your workflow.

Would love to see what you do with them 🤓🤓 Enjoy 💃🏼🎁

- Xane ❤️❤️

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