Tyrannosaurus rex model (rigged)

by Bill Nguyen's shop in Models

The Tyrannosaurs model was one of my first serious project, after making dozens and dozens other creatures and animals for practice, in 3 years, to understand the work flow and the concept of organic modeling.

With clean topology, relatively low poly (10k) rigged, animation ready, Uv unwrapped and textured, equipped with a special Node group personally designed for creature skin shader, all are included in this product.

Also, DID YOU KNOW, that the T.rex was actually covered in feathers? The Theropod dinosaurs have got a direct descendant in the modern day, which is the bird of prey. The T.rex is a member of this group of dinosaurs and many evidences have suggested that the creature was in fact, covered with feathers. Therefor, the blend file is also included with many hair particles systems to replicate this, for a more realistic replication of this beautiful animal.

Made with Blender and is optimal for Blender usage.

The model have 3 separate parts, the main body, the teeth and the tongue. All are rigged to 1 single armature, with some proper IK constraints. Main skin material uses a specially and personally made node group. 2k textures available, ready for rendering straight away. 

The particles systems are turned off for better viewport performance, and also won't be rendered until turned on.

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