Twoleg Character Rig

by mathiasa in Models

It is a straight forward rig, so if you know how to use rigs in Blender, you shouldn't have any problem! This rig, like many rigs in blender uses some scripts and so one thing that is really important is to make sure that “Auto Run Python Script” is checked. AutoPythonScript The controls of the Rig are set so that you shouldn't need to change the armature layout for their visibility. Here is how it should look so that you see all of the controls you need. armatureVisibility All of the bones on the right side are just the technical part of the rig. :) For other information on the rig, this video should help you : TwoLeg presentation You can also import multiple TwoLeg rig in a file.

  1. Open a new scene
  2. Append the script (Shift F1, select the rig file, click on text and select "")
  3. Run the script (go to the script editor,  at the bottom of the window, pick the "", and then click on run script)
  4. Append the rig (Shift F1, select the rig file, click on object, unchecked active layer, so that it stays clean, and select "twoLegs_Obj") and you can do it as many times as you want! ;)

If you have question, feel free to contact me or comment on this page! :) Mathias.