Truss Generator - Geometry Nodes Based

by Andrea Verri in Modifier Setups

I made this Geometry Nodes tools to increase my workflow when I build stage with truss. I share it with you and I hope it will be useful in your projects.

You can design you’re your truss structure saving time and memory. This tool use instances to save memory consumption and rendering time.

When you build your shape a text gives you the total length of your truss. This function can be disabled. The text is not visible in rendering.

You can simply grab or extrude points in edit mode to achieve your shapes. You can use standard tool to subdivide edges and fill vertex. Is a single vertex workflow.
See the video below to learn how you can use it.

This truss is made by two square object which measure 30cm per side. To achieve a perfect result you must use multiple values of 30. In other way you may find some gaps between the sections.

Thank you if you support me in the develop of other geometry nodes tool.


Dev Fund Contributor
Published 20 days ago
Software Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
License Royalty Free
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