by GameArtUniverse in Models

A very large trunk that can easily store treasures, weapons, equipment, tools, cloths etc.

The entire model uses a single mesh and single material. Poly-count is kept as low as possible. The entire model is rigged properly so that the cover and handles can be controlled separately. Open and Close animation is also baked inside the model.

Trunk is available in 3 colors(Red, Brown, Blue) and 2 variants(One with rough-scratched surface and other with smooth surface). All textures are high quality with 2K resolution.


Key Features :

- Single mesh & single material
- Minimum possible poly-counts
- Rough-scratched & Smooth variants
- Available in Red, Brown and Blue colors
- High quality 2K resolution textures


Textures :

- Base Color Map
- AO Map
- Normal Map
- Metallic Map
- Specular Map
- Roughness Map
- MetallicSmoothness Map
- SpecularSmoothness Map


Animations :

- Idle
- Open
- Close