by Richard Traynor in Materials, Shaders, Textures

True-Space... The most accurate space lighting you WILL get anywhere, and this is because all the images are created using Blender itself.

True-Space Is also the cheapest Space HDRi images you will find anywhere on the internet. The very few ones available online, are anywhere between $10 and $30 EACH. You'll be getting 18 for $20 (lite) or $25 (pro) , and you'll also be getting the highest quality ones you'll find anywhere too.

True-Space is a pack of 18 HDRi space maps, for all your space render needs. There is an assortment of Nebula, Galaxies, Planets and much more. 

All The maps come in 3 handy sizes; Small (between 4k and 5k), Medium (between 8k and 11k) and LARGE (21K). There are already 2, (3 in pro) .blend files in the add-on, all with the world nodes set up, so you can append whatever world you want, right into your scene. The maps come in PNG 16 bit colour depth and EXR 32 bit colour depth, and the world nodes are set up so that you can change the resolution of the Lighting, and keep a really high resolution image show in the camera view. This allows for optimised lighting, and faster renders, without the need for high details in reflections. 

Hopefully, after getting this far, you'll have realised 3 things:

  1. These are by far the most superior space HDRi maps you will find anywhere
  2. The few shown in the product images are beautiful
  3. "OMG, want!"

Just Remember, these are TRUE space lighting maps, which means that if a light value was in the scene created, that light value is in the map too. And with these maps being created in Blender, and exported as EXR, this gives all the light exposure values already needed. 

Have a quick look at the 'demo' to see the lighting in action!