Trees And Bushes Collection

by fffaaa12 in Models

Collection of Trees (2-3 variations)

A library of 20 quality trees, High and Low poly. The collection contains various plants: Pinus sylvestris, Thuja, Spruce, Pinus Brutia, Betula, Sycamore, Maple, Elm, Ash, Poplar, Willow, Picea abies, Tilia Americana, Pinus Pinea, Sorbus, Beech, Tilia Platyphyllos, Betula Platyphylla, Oak, Alder.

Collection of Bushes (2-5 variations)

A library of 10 quality bushes, High and Low poly.  It contains various plants: Amelanchier, Elaeagnus Angustifolia, Pinus Mugo, Samchit, Juniperus, Festuca Ovina, Lavender, Arthropodium, Alpine Hill.

4k Texture

High-resolution textures.


Trees and bushes have a preview in Low and High poly they are easily added to the scene.