Tree Planter Grate Set

by Rocz3D Studio in Models

A set of circular and square tree planter grates for pedestrian walkways.

The package contains the base models with diffuse, bump and specular image texture maps.

There is also UV templates included so you can create your own textures of the model.

This model was created in Blender 3D.

Materials were created in Cycles render engine.

3D models (UV unwrapped):


(verticies - 2900, polygons - 2500) This is the apporximate count for each planter grate object. Count may vary depending on the model's file type (.blend, .3ds, etc.

Image textures - .jpg format - 2048x2048

There are 3 circular grates and 3 square grates.

Each model has 3 diffuse texture options.

Each model has 1 bump and 1 spec map.

A reference image is included to diagram the folder structure and texture options.

UV Templates are included with the image texture files.

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