Treasure Chest

by Larry3d in Models

Attention! This file only works with Blender version 2.79 and above!

High detail realistic 3d model of a treasure chest.

With clean topology for smoothing subdiv.
Textures are included in blend-file.

Dimensions in cm ~(110/75/106)

Subdevisons: 2

Subdevisons: 1

Subdevisons: 0

All objects in the scene have proper names.
The lighting setup is included.

Materials are for Cycles render engine.
Everything rendered with Cycles.

No subsurf modifier was applied.

Change log

Version 1

How to Render an Image:

- open Treasure_Chest.blend
- Press F12 or the Render button
- Hold the cursor over the rendered image and press F3. Now you can save the picture.

How to import Objects:

- in your scene go to File/Append (Shift F1)
- select Treasure_Chest.blend
- select "Treasure_Chest" in Group

Remember to use 2.79 version of Blender.

Why do I have to use Blender version 2.79 right now?

Mainly because of the Principled BSDF - PBR shader, which is only integrated from this version.
Denoising and Filmic Color Management also needed.

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